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Poster is be best word I can find to describe the work of Derek Franklin. Each page has large text and graphics. Page layouts are elegant.

Franklin shows us wisdom in all matters related to getting things done and life, in general. Each posters informs and challenges us to contemplate what we have been doing and what we should be doing to be more productive.

You can get your 45+ page download book of posters by doing one thing….subscribe to this blog.  I will keep you up-to-date each time I put up a new post, new files, and new You Tube videos. You won’t get a bunch of e-mail, just enough to let you know: I’m still alive and I really want to read/watch/listen to my new stuff here at The Stuck Creative.

Please subscribe at the link right below and the Power Posters get “shipped” to you via e-mail.


One thought on “3 Subscribe

  1. Hi there, Gary. I want to subscribe to this blog, but the link seems rather dead. It leads to a blank page as opposed to a form I can fill out.I tried from the website and directly from the blog. Please address this when you get a chance. I’m enjoying the videos.


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