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The Stuck Creative is the trademark of the services, products, and pontifications of Gary Goodwin, coach. Feel free to contact Gary at: gary@thestuckcreative.com. Services are provided via: phone, in-person (Washington, D.C. area), Skype, and e-mail. I also can be reached by phone at: 703-975-9175

Bio & Approach – Gary Goodwin – Instructor and Coach

Gary brings a variety of perspectives and techniques to his Creativity Coaching practice. His coaching skills come from training in two coaching programs; solid general coaching techniques come from MentorCoach (certified coach training organization) that includes evidence-based methods with evidence-based practices from the new emerging field in psychology, Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology works with a person’s strengths and focuses on positive effects of cultivated optimism, appreciation, gratitude, relationships, envisioning future possibilities and more.

The Creativity Coaching Association (CCA) provides the second program of study Gary participates in. The CCA pinpoints the specific needs of creative people and trains coaches in ways to help creative people overcome obstacles, increase productivity, go deeper into their area of creativity, and generally flourish. Eric Maisel, the author of many books on creativity enhancement for creative people helped shape the training by being the model of what a coach can be and how he/she can interact with clients.

He also teaches Insight Imagination, a system he created that combines methods to access inner imagery for both light and deep explorations. He is a graduate of the Academy for Guided Imagery where he is certified in Interactive Guided Imagery. He also is a Level 1 Guide in the Helen Bonny approach of Guided Imagery and Music. He is a student at the Center of Healing and Imagery and is completing training there to receive a certificate of completion in Ego States and Somatic Imagery. Lastly, he is working towards certification in Focusing after completing Levels 1 through 4 training.  Frequently, Insight Imagination practices are combined with Creativity Coaching  to create powerful solutions to long-standing obstacles/blocks to creative progress.

His interest and experience with Insight Imagination was also shaped by nearly ten years of teaching at the local Jung Society where he taught a wide array of courses including:  kabbalah, the writings of Carlos Castaneda, the Grail legends, the Collected Works of C.G. Jung, intro to gnosticism, alchemy, and the life and works of famous Jungian analysts.  He has been a dream group leader or member for eight years, on the board of directors of the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology and was on the Executive Board of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.  He has received dream work training from Jeremy Taylor, Montague Ullman, and Gayle Delaney and earns continuing education credit each year through conferences/coursework provided by the International Association for the Study of Dreams.