Invisible Downside

The downside of not losing weight is having excess weight. Hard to hide that. The visible downside of not stopping smoking is smoking and worse. Can’t hide that. Visible and even dire downsides  can be motivating. Worrying and painful, but motivating nonetheless.

Most people reading this post are working on creative projects outside the daily requirements of work, family, friends, pets, commuting, etc.

Optional projects just don’t have the power of presence that bad habits and nasty conditions. If you have a bad habit or a nasty condition, you know and everyone knows it. If you have an optional project and you don’t do it, who knows? Who cares? As long as you stick to the required stuff (i.e. feeding the dog; showing up for work, etc.), everyone is just fine.

Does not creating have a downside for you?

What is your “pain” if you are not creative?

A Creative is diminished when his/her projects are not born or finished. There is no chance to develop a craft. No chance to learn to be confident or to learn how to solve creative problems. No chance to meet others on the same path. No chance to have trust, hope, determination, and focus pounded into the psyche by the hammer and anvil of creative growth. No chance to see how living one’s creativity touches other people in surprising, unpredictable ways.

What is your downside if you should never create again?

  • What will you lose?
  • Who could you have been?
  • Who could you have met?
  • Where could you have gone?
  • What could you have given?
  • What could you have changed?
  • What could you have prevented?
  • Who will set-up an intervention to get you back to creative life?
  • How and where will you “detox” from the uncreative world?
  • Who will do surprise testing to make sure you have creativity circulating in your blood?
  • How will you remember to stay on the straight and narrow (dedicating a portion of your life to creativity)?
  • How can you weigh-in to see your weekly creativity level?
  • What’s your plan for when you relapse into uncreativity?

What is the downside for you? Make it invisible no more.


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