Beginner’s Mind, Constant Companion

Painful. Beginner’s mind is painful. We are swamped with self-doubt, uncertainty if we are doing things right, uncertain if we even know what to do next.

But that is just the way things go. Being a beginner is being a beginner. We feel out of sorts most of the time, whether we are doing things right or wrong. Everything in our body and mind tells us: “If things feel odd and feel wrong, things must be wrong. Stop!”

Don’t believe your mind, it is lying to you. It is not your friend.

Discomfort, fear, and doubt are there but it is normal.  Don’t run. Tell the survival parts of your brain that all is o.k., you are not going perish. Thanks for the warning but you will take care of the driving.

Keep your nose down and keep working. Slowly, whatever you are doing, may it be trying a new technique, standing up and doing marketing, or just trying to be productive every day, keep going. Things will start to feel o.k. again, soon.  Keep going. Push through the snow storm of the beginner’s mind.


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