Don’t Be Alone

According to the organization for professional trainers, the American Society of Training and Development, we can’t do everything alone. The following stats reflect a person’s likelihood of completing a project:

-If you hear an idea (or I suspect, think up an idea), you have a 10% chance of turning it into a project.

-If you go the next step and decide when you will implement the idea, you have a 40% chance of doing the project.

-If you go even further and develop a plan of how to do the project, your chances of completing the project go up to 50%. A 50/50 chance is better than a 10 percent chance but the odds are still not great.

Now watch what happens when a person enlists the help of another person:

-If you really commit to someone else that you will do your project, your odds of pulling things off, jump to 65%.

-If you have a specific accountability appointment with that person, you then have a 95% chance of doing what you really want to do—turn an idea to a completed project.

As a coach, I think that last two stats are a bit too optimistic but they do give a relative look at the difference between working alone and getting someone to hold an expectation of where we want to go.

The stats tell the story…. don’t do everything alone. Social pressure, at least in this area of life, appears to be the strong tonic we need to get things done.


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