How to Fire Up Your Imagination – Phone course – Starts this May

Test ideas – Get out of blocks – Find Inspiration – Jump Start New Creative Work – Deepen Creations – Make Creative Decisions

No doubt about it, your creative life will be enhanced by accessing your imagination. You will be amazed how much you will find with imagination to help shape and fire up your creative work. It has been long established that the unconscious is the well spring of creativity. The logical mind help things along, but without a good imagination, the creative person is stuck. Imagination has immediate power: to clarify where you need to go next with your work, how to get you out of blocks and into inspiration, and of course generates new ideas. Most people realize that imagination can also greatly strengthen your existing skill set push them to much higher levels.

Note: This phone course is very practical. You will be taught everything you need to get out of the way and let your imagination fire up. This courses pulls the best techniques and the most time-tested approaches from creativity training and psychology. You will learn and then practice techniques that fall into these categories:

See It: – Uncover hidden knowledge about your creations and your work by exploring it with your inner senses.

Speak It: – Let your art speak its mind. Learn to hold dialogues with your imagination. (Thank you, Carl Jung, for this technique.)

Discover It – Let new ideas and approaches pop-up out of the darkness of the unconscious.

Strengthen It – Sharpen your skills with imaginal rehearsal and anchoring.

Break It: Know where to turn for Artist’s/Writer’s Block Busting and how to move beyond it.

Follow It: – Take imaginative journeys for retreat, inspiration, and discovery

Time: 7 P.M. – 8:15 P.M. Eastern

When: 4 Tuesdays – May 4, 11, 18, and 25th (Can’t make all dates? No problem, recordings of each session will be posted here on The Stuck Creative. They will only be available for students enrolled in this course.)

Fee: $70 – Includes 4 classes, mp3 files of imagination and relaxation inductions, and step-by-step technique instruction sheets. Also included will be instructions on how to turn to your dreams for creative inspiration and solutions.

Taught by Gary Goodwin, who has had extensive training and experience with imagery, dreaming, and dreams and owner of The Stuck Creative.

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* This course is taught by phone and uses a bridge-line to bring all students into each call. The number you will be calling will be a U.S. long distance call so long distance fees may apply.